The purpose of this website is to increase language learning through the use of technology.  It is a working project and can continue to grow .  It was a site for students, teachers, and community members to use and interact.  Please email if you have any questions or would like to add to this site.  The stories and family histories are kept alive by oral history.  The process of communication is important and this is a form of communication through technology.  As long as we tell the stories of our creating, the lessons of our lives, the history of our travels, as long as we use our language, and as long as we tell the stories of our people who preserved and sacrificed for us, we will have a culture and we will be a People.



This website is dedicated to the ancestors and relatives who have traveled on, it is presented to the living relatives today and is intended to preserve the Hocak language, family histories, Hocak Veterans past and present and for the family history yet to come.



The students of Winnebago Public Schools, the teachers, the administration, the support staff, Winnebago elders, Winnebago Veterans Association, David Lee Smith, Hocak Renaissance Program, Blue St.Cyr, Hocak Wazij Haci Languauge Program, Austin Bales, Chris Grezlik, and to Winnebago tribal programs.